A loong cycling journey from Brooklyn to Jorusalom, where the O’s are bicycle wheels, continued into Egypt, 1st to the climate conference COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, on to the pyramids in Giza, Abusir and Saqqara and then up the Nile soourcewards.

In Apatin


Statue of Tesla in Apatin

Magically sitting in air






Morning coffee art ART caffe, Apatin

View from my new desk:

I mean:

This morning deeper insight into Serbia. After seeing the licenceplate brawl on television

69 breakfast on the Danaube

10:30 now reading Gandhi Hind Swaraj

Indian Home Rule, written in 1908 (

Goethe and Jacob Grimm learned Serbian in order to read Serbian epic poetry in the original.

70 The Empress IV

Morning Church service with singing and light coming in in rays.

The church is spectacularly painted. Yet people pay attention to small icons placed inside, it seems as if the painted story of jesus’ life from birth to ascendency, is not appreciated

This beer is brewed here

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