71 Bogojevo

After beautiful ride along European Amazon route

With water, lilies, birds, ibisses, herons and bees.

In Apatin visited collector of books on archeology and art Dusan and his wife, perusing many books on Serbian monasteries and looking at the great painting in churches tradition.

Along the way many beehives

Two bees struck me while taking this picture along the way.

Confusing: now the language is Hungarian again, plus German, Schwabisch. The peoples and their languages have been moved around a lot.

72 Bogojevo

Many animals here little birds, 7 cats, 3 dogs, fish, turtles, chichen and little chicks

lunch on the Danube

Very wide here


Ibises and

A room with a window to this pond like extension of Donau

In Bačko Novo Selo Hotel Bela Vrba , White Willow

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