People have boats here they can live on during holidays?

The sunlight is coming through the clouds to shine on the water, silvery golden.


I thought there was a bridge here:

It turns out the bridge is 2 km to the east:

75 Visited Bačka Palanka museum this morning, that is full of treasures from a 30.000 years history, up to modern paintingsМузеј/

Its curator, who is incredibly knowledgeable and an important cultural pillar of the city, was so friendly to show me its many exceptional items.

i crossed the bridge on bicycle and went to Ilok Castle overlooking the Donau, having to enter Croatia, Hrvatska, with passport controls on both sides of the bridge.

The view was spectacular

Twice I have now watched Nečista Krv ‘unclean blood’ in the local cinema and i have started to read this well know Serbian book by Bora Stanković from 1910 to learn the language