Meanwhile at COP26 there was an update on the state of negotiations

A lot of insight can be gained following the many press conferences and presentation


There are elections in Bulgaria this Saturday

Yesterday the President and Vice-President visited Vidin. I happened to be where they were walking with a large group including security, and crossed eyes with the president.

President Rumen Radev and Vice-President Iliana Iotova

Picture that.

(Starting to feel at home in Bulgaria)

O sunny day by the Donau!

The leaves fall from the trees

in autumn

Men invent a machine that makes a terrible noise

that acts as the wind

to blow these leaves away

It is stupity in a nutshell

and mighty irritating

not blaming those who have to operate them all day long to make a living, it must be an ordeal.

The machines produce a lot of CO2 too.

Added 5 december 2021: