“TIME in its irresistible and ceaseless flow carries along on its flood all created things, and drowns them in the depths of obscurity, no matter if they be quite unworthy of mention, or most noteworthy and important, and thus, as the tragedian says, “he brings from the darkness all things to the birth, and all things born envelops in the night.” [Sophocles Ajax, 646]” The beginning of the Alexiad https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/basis/AnnaComnena-Alexiad-intro.asp from the 12th Century.

A major source for knowledge about the Crusades and Byzantium https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexiad

“But the tale of history forms a very strong bulwark against the stream of time, and to some extent checks its irresistible flow, and, of all things done in it, as many as history has taken over, it secures and binds together, and does not allow them to slip away into the abyss of oblivion.” The second sentence of the marvellous history written by Princess Anna Comnena.

This blog, https://brooklyn2jorusalom.blog, though it has many pictures, chronicles a journey that is accompanied by much reading and deep learning too. Learning of languages (of each country i pass through), and learning of history, culture and faiths; their contradictions and their encounters.

On the road to Israel, Jerusalem, in these fraught times.

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