A loong cycling journey from Brooklyn to Jorusalom, where the O’s are bicycle wheels, continued into Egypt, 1st to the climate conference COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, on to the pyramids in Giza, Abusir and Saqqara and then up the Nile soourcewards.


Artemis II

Artemis symbolizes fertility. The 2 old Artemis statues here in Ephesus have many breasts like bunches of grapes.

These are very different Artemisses from the hunting Nature goddess with a bow, like her one day younger brother Apollo. The bow and arrow stand for the rays of the moon (Artemis) and the sun (Apollo).

The abundance of breasts/grapes and the many animals (cows/bulls/lions/birds/bees) on the statues make them the abundance, the profusity of (our) Nature.

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