! Greetings from Cyprus!

To Mağusa!

Yesterday was a day full of adventures and moments that the future hung in the balance. And last night i found myself on a ship that was going to Cyprus.

Only for four hours the engine did not work. Finally at 2 am we departed. And i slept on the deck intermittently (napshotwise) while eyeing the stars of the milkyway.

The Dutch Foreign Service does not inform one that only a period of 90 days out of a 180 can be spent without extra permits https://www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl/reisadvies/turkije. So when i had checked this in Izmir 3 months ago, i innocently proceeded.

I am grateful for good help from the consulate in Marmaris and from the Turkish Embassy in The Netherlands. Yet until the last moment things were in the balance.

Yesterday i had apparently reached the limit and could have been deported. Grace spared me.

Also i had to test for antigen covid and was inside a Turkish hospital for this. Negative result meant positive on going.

Finally i had apparently booked a ticket from a town 100 km back, for which i would have had to take a bus, from the busstation, 5 km climbing from the harbour.

Luckily it could be changed to a ticket on a cargoship from Mersin to Mağusa (Famagusta) taking passengers. It would only take 15 minutes..i waited for almost 3 hours before i finally got the ticket, one reason being an electricity black-out on Cyprus.

So there i was with at least fifty other passengers for the 110 km trip, that finally happened.

Bye Turkey

Mersin afternoon y’day

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