A loong cycling journey from Brooklyn to Jorusalom, where the O’s are bicycle wheels, continued into Egypt, 1st to the climate conference COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, on to the pyramids in Giza, Abusir and Saqqara and then up the Nile soourcewards.

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    Bodrum was Halicarnassus

    Herodotus was born here to write history.

    At the beginning of The Histories, Herodotus sets out his reasons for writing it:

    Here are presented the results of the enquiry carried out by Herodotus of Halicarnassus. The purpose is to prevent the traces of human events from being erased by time, and to preserve the fame of the important and remarkable achievements produced by both Greeks and non-Greeks; among the matters covered is, in particular, the cause of the hostilities between Greeks and non-Greeks.

    Bodrum II

    Bodrum I

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    Todays is National Sovereignty and Children’s Day,Çocuk_Bayramı

    The tradition of giving food to share in grief or joy‘wine bites’ tasting slightliy orange-like. Distributed for free

    My dream came true today. Crossed the difficult mountains to Bodrum in the back of a van!

    It would have been a lot of climbing. It must have been my 6th sense (arrived here exhausted from climbing yesterday “the first guest to arrive here without reservation”) to ask the driver if he was going in the direction of Bodrum. Thought in the back of the van: why are there so few female billionaires? (The pampering for the rich is amazing and unnecessary, with so many people living harsh lives)

    Not a purist with these nasty mountains.

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    In this city there are 10s of dentists and 100s of real estate firms

    Also some nice colouring and a beautiful mosque

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    I have now travelled more than 3000 kilometers i tell the people i meet here. Sometimes i am tempted to try and buy a little white truck to take me over the mountains as it is quite an effort to push bike and luggage car uphill. Though the satisfaction of doing it is rewarding internally.

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    A few days ago in Priene,

    my host was called Issa. He was so welcoming to his restaurant and sculpture tourist business. I felt a quality that befits his name

    Happy Easter everybody!

    Found yesterday: (for 20 TL Turkish Lira, see Xe )

    Left in Kuşadasi as a gift (two paintings that i made there):

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    To wake up under a canopy of birdsong

    That later becomes a symphony inside

    While once again encountering the world

    Here and of yesterdays (in Milete)

    The music is the peace,

    Under mimosa trees

    Near the Menderes (Meander) river delta

    And what shall i say about my little friend of yesterday morning?

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    Pillar of Athena Temple

    Ancient city

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    There be a new ship coming…


    There is a lot more than cruise ships here. A city replete with small white streets and sometimes wonderful stores. A maize to discover. It’s just that i like looking at the sea…

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A loong cycling journey, from the original BrOOklyn to far away JOrusalOm. Where capital O’s are wheels. Started 26 July 2021; numbers are number of days en rOute; now onward to COP27, and further in Egypt