Looking towards Rumania: Coronini (left) and the Serbian Golubac Fortress (right) across the Donau (center:)

A temple for doves

In the Nicolas church in Golubac, Paradise recreated


Now the ferry is coming,

Yesterday the storm made it impossible to go over the water

Looking back now from Golubac after a beautiful day of cycling.

The Donau is at its widest here. Apparently about 7 km wide max.


To run alongside a bicycle is too much for a dog. Yesterday on the dyke along the Donau i was walking part of the way. Today i came onto a long road with only cars – not for walking. My friend decided wisely it was too much.

This morning


Wind and sun today

And a new friend is coming along

The cutting of trees meanwhile, is a sorry thing. It looks like after the trees are cut the area becomes inundated. Beautiful nature destroyed, probably for burning the wood…




Fooling no.5

This welcomes the bike rider when entering Serbia

Now i am more than halfway, in Kovin. It is hard to believe that by cycling one suddenly finds oneself further than one ever dreamed.

Here one can view the route in more detail https://eurovelo.rs


Pančevo magic


Good morning

my friend Stuart Scott (who passed away this summer) promoted that Herman Daly should get the Nobel Prize for introducing Environmental Economics

How do we convince all the busy men and women to do something environmentally sound? Instead of being just busy?

And what is sound?

Is there still a sound?



The Legacy of Stuart Scott

Outside de Beograd ‘White City’ Modern Art Museum:

the fear of dying by other lifeforms (animals, plants) seems to be behind the rejection of being part of life

That makes so much destruction seem ‘normal’

Not perceiving how also the support by life behind us, is eroding quicker and quicker, as only the manageable life remains.

everyday I read a bit further in Karen Armstrong’s History of Jerusalem

Today about Roman Emperor Hadrianus who in 131 CE wanted to replace the ruins of Jerusalem with a modern secular city.

The feeling that Karen Armstrong must have had a team of co-workers, so much does she know. Perhaps from the time she made a series for the BBC on faith and went to the ‘holy land’ for this.