Stari Slankamen

In view https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgrade


Three milk torta

To celebrate new milestone,

after 45 km of cycling again, mostly along roads with swift cars.

And a lunch on the river Donau (wonderful fish taken from the stay at Cortanovci Ferialac, where i slept in my tent again!)

Noting banknotes:

Tesla is about €1 or $1


Novi Sad

It was a bit rainy today

So i did not get very far

Across the bridge..

Following a bicycle path that was very smooth and then just ended, with the need to join the highway. Which i declined. And now i am overlooking Novi Sad from the https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrovaradin_Fortress

The library shows in its windows Serbian writers from the 12th until the 21th century

How have men and women lived? This was explored in refreshing webinar https://www.ucl.ac.uk/archaeology/news/2021/oct/dawn-everything-new-history-humanity

Anthropology and archeology have this capacity to make us see from outside of our usual patterns. And this book seems to take a new lOOk https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/314/314162/the-dawn-of-everything/9780241402429.html


Rain (kiša) has kept me in this place.

Yesterday morning after the wedding of the day before (14 pm – 1 am with music)

Decoration from before the stagnation:

3 days in Bačka Palanka (little village in the region of Bač)

People have boats here they can live on during holidays?

The sunlight is coming through the clouds to shine on the water, silvery golden.


I thought there was a bridge here:

It turns out the bridge is 2 km to the east:

75 Visited Bačka Palanka museum this morning, that is full of treasures from a 30.000 years history, up to modern paintings https://kcbp.rs/Музеј/

Its curator, who is incredibly knowledgeable and an important cultural pillar of the city, was so friendly to show me its many exceptional items.

i crossed the bridge on bicycle and went to Ilok Castle overlooking the Donau, having to enter Croatia, Hrvatska, with passport controls on both sides of the bridge.

The view was spectacular

Twice I have now watched Nečista Krv https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12653060/ ‘unclean blood’ in the local cinema and i have started to read this well know Serbian book by Bora Stanković from 1910 to learn the language https://www.rastko.rs/knjizevnost/umetnicka/proza/bstankovic-krv.html

71 Bogojevo

After beautiful ride along European Amazon route

With water, lilies, birds, ibisses, herons and bees.

In Apatin visited collector of books on archeology and art Dusan and his wife, perusing many books on Serbian monasteries and looking at the great painting in churches tradition.

Along the way many beehives

Two bees struck me while taking this picture along the way.

Confusing: now the language is Hungarian again, plus German, Schwabisch. The peoples and their languages have been moved around a lot.

72 Bogojevo

Many animals here little birds, 7 cats, 3 dogs, fish, turtles, chichen and little chicks

lunch on the Danube

Very wide here


Ibises and

A room with a window to this pond like extension of Donau

In Bačko Novo Selo Hotel Bela Vrba , White Willow

In Apatin


Statue of Tesla in Apatin

Magically sitting in air






Morning coffee art ART caffe, Apatin

View from my new desk:

I mean:

This morning deeper insight into Serbia. After seeing the licenceplate brawl on television https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/02/tensions-rise-at-kosovo-serbia-border-as-number-plate-row-escalates

69 breakfast on the Danaube

10:30 now reading Gandhi Hind Swaraj


Indian Home Rule, written in 1908 (https://mobile.twitter.com/thewire_in/status/1444210546501472256)

Goethe and Jacob Grimm learned Serbian in order to read Serbian epic poetry in the original.

70 The Empress IV

Morning Church service with singing and light coming in in rays.

The church is spectacularly painted. Yet people pay attention to small icons placed inside, it seems as if the painted story of jesus’ life from birth to ascendency, is not appreciated

This beer is brewed here