Integration: eating fresh falafel outside of Hulda and talking with the woman and man preparing it about Maoz in Amsterdam. (and eating a big pickled pickle, een zure bom)


Mosaics. The approach. Slowly the outlines become clearer, slowly more details become visible.

It is like a method of learning, filling in a little more everytime. It will never be perfect, or complete. There will always remain pieces to add. Especially when introducing more dimensions


Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום


Finally found one after seeing them all

The view

All hotels in Tel Aviv are full. Slept 2 hours my first night in Israel from 4 a.m. on a bench by the sea (@ Banana Beach) Continuing searching the next day, i came to this street.

Five little birds in the restaurant, morning


By the sea

Tel Aviv from the highway

Cycling along the highway is certainly not ideal. Yet it does give one a taste of how everywhere in the world people think driving cars is normal, while slowly filling the atmosphere with more (invisible!) carbon dioxide, https://keelingcurve.ucsd.edu, which is our demise.

Almost ready to enter Israel on bicycle

I had to reassemble everything outside Ben Gurion terminal

5:50 am




Today is π-day

An important concept https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devekut

I think it could be called hugging god, loving life, in spanish vivencia “an experience lived with great intensity by an individual in the present moment, which involves cenesthesia, and the visceral and emotional functions” in the words of the founder of Biodanza.


Cypriot coffeemilk

Looking at mosque from my window

(not in use it seems)

Shabbath shalom yesterday