Bye-Bye Antalya

Just ride along


I did not know such beautiful dreamlike places really existed in the world

IPad camera totally inadequate to capture the beauty of the light on the mountains..


Antalya by the sea

Actress in ancient theater of Myra


To have an idea of my journey so far:


Yesterday in the church of Sinterklaas, Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra, who was born in nearby Patara (see last week)


Either you slide into the water or you walk in from the beach

Another interesting detail is that the coffee machine here has chocolate espresso. I never saw that before and it tastes quite good!


The advice from car drivers to cyclists is not to be taken at face value. When they say the road is flat, they mean they only remember one mountain. They have no idea about false flats and the many tough imperceptible climbs that one meets on two wheels.

Special ferry

The Greek island Kastellorizo in the morning light as seen from my tent