Today i met a friendly stonefish as i was walking in the sea close to the shore.

It looked like a stone drifting, about 30 centimeters long, stonish, white and light brown patterned. It swam just in front of me. When i turned around, after passing it, it seemed to swim away backwards. I say friendly because it returned to me and then i could see octopus like extensions, whitish, with which it propelled itself.

Later i was told about its poisonous spikes. It uses those only when attacked and there was nothing like that happening. More a felt connection, i really liked the animal and felt this reciprocated.

No cycle

Yesterday i wanted to head further south. I was, again, prohibited from going by bicycle on the road: “the road is only for machines,” i was told.

The metaphor fighting climate change is total nonsense. One can only fight other humans that overproduce CO2, i.e. &

This whole notion of ‘the war on….’ Is unhelpful. With our machines running on old trees that once covered the earth and then became coal, oil and gas, we spoil our protective atmosphere and oceans (air and water ecologies) such that what sustains our life starts threatening our lives. Loving life is the sane response.


Just arrived after ‘a you can write a book about the border crossing’ five hours.


Bye Eilat!

At Eilat Field School

I never knew if i would make it to Eilat.

But today i did.

Now staying at this school thanks to:

Hila (aura)

Already more than 300 km through Israel, Palestine, desert and mountains


Rain in the desert (arava)

At the Arava Institute for environmental science, a world class facility for solar energy, ecology and climate change study and development

Hannah, a date palm species grown here

How they made 2000 years old seeds come to life again 🔼🔽