A loong cycling journey from Brooklyn to Jorusalom, where the O’s are bicycle wheels, continued into Egypt, 1st to the climate conference COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, on to the pyramids in Giza, Abusir and Saqqara and then up the Nile soourcewards.


Yesterday climbing up Mount of Olives, reflecting on how our approach to the sublime, god, the holy is probably asymptotic. Like with the function 1/x where the axes are neared but never reached.

There was a nice camel at the top that liked grapes and let children with parent ride on its back.

The hotel there was out of business.

The view of the city complete.

There was an inspired group making music, singing about Emmanuel or Immanuel being true and peace of all nations.

From there a long descent to the Pool of Siloam, where it seems pilgrims washed themselves in the past and today too, again.

It is probable that here was the source of lush nature, part of the attraction of Jerusalem.

There are many claims to original locations in Jerusalem.

All stemming from the desire to integrate with our most holy nature.

Asymptotically all together

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