Meanwhile at COP26 there was an update on the state of negotiations https://unfccc-cop26.streamworld.de/webcast/cop-presidency-8

A lot of insight can be gained following the many press conferences and presentation https://unfccc-cop26.streamworld.de/program


There are elections in Bulgaria this Saturday https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Bulgarian_general_election

Yesterday the President and Vice-President visited Vidin. I happened to be where they were walking with a large group including security, and crossed eyes with the president.

President Rumen Radev and Vice-President Iliana Iotova

Picture that.

(Starting to feel at home in Bulgaria)

O sunny day by the Donau!

The leaves fall from the trees

in autumn

Men invent a machine that makes a terrible noise

that acts as the wind

to blow these leaves away

It is stupity in a nutshell

and mighty irritating

not blaming those who have to operate them all day long to make a living, it must be an ordeal.

The machines produce a lot of CO2 too.

Added 5 december 2021: https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/california-bill-takes-aim-scourge-gas-powered-leaf-blowers?utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=sierramag&utm_medium=sierra_social



Coffee place


Last evening cycling the last two hours in the dark with drizzle, most concerned about the straying dogs, i was happy to arrive in Vidin. How the journey must have been 1800 years ago, with many more wild animals i imagine, yet also a Roman road:


To Bukovo monastery


The best way to carry grapes:


Most of what this blog shows is where i am. Also things in the world that have my attention. Most of my time is reflection and experiencing. Balancing the two wheels of going slower and going faster, perpetually looking for the TaOxO.

And then there are the animals.

A few days ago by the side of the road there was a young deer. On a stretch of the hillside about 1 meter above the road. It was lying/sitting there. I approached it slowly. It must have been hit by a car as could not move with its hindlegs. I wished i could help. Never was a deer so close. It made sounds of fear and anguish.

Cars are destructive.

Several times in the last few days have i seen Eurasian jays https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurasian_jay.

Where I am passing through https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Đerdap_national_park

Saw Decebalus https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decebalus across the river


This morning it is raining in Tekija

At Panorama restaurant on drizzle day

Reading facebook as a hostile foreign power:


2.3 billion people use this ‘lie-disseminating instrument of civilizational collapse’.

To feed a sugarmountain.

Blue notes 🎶





OK, OK it is too beautiful

Where i had lunch

While COP26 is starting https://unfccc.int/conference/glasgow-climate-change-conference-october-november-2021

Many thoughts about the climate conference https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/nov/01/cop26-xi-jinping-china-president-sidesteps-videolink-written-statement

https://unfccc.int/sites/default/files/resource/CHINA_cop26cmp16cma3_HLS-WLS-cn.pdf?_x_tr_sl=nl&_x_tr_tl=zh-CN&_x_tr_hl=sr&_x_tr_pto=nui (the English version comes after the Chinese one). One wonders whether the Carbon budget figures in this.



I laid for its final rest in the grass a young squirrel lying on the road. Hit. Still warm.

On this road

One feels like filming the whole trajectory. With the sun shining🌞

The church now behing me in the depth after a lot of climbing, part walking.